About Us

Mt. Pleasant NOW Development Corporation, a non-profit community based entity was formed in 1988 to primarily address the housing needs in Ward 3 in the City of Cleveland.  The agency is governed by a Board of Trustees, whose members consist of local stakeholder representation and two at-large seats. 

Commencing with housing rehabilitation, Mt. Pleasant NOW’s activities have grown to include new housing construction.  From rehabbed houses to new three bedroom low income housing tax credit homes, to the elegant CHN Homeward Developments,                Mt. Pleasant NOW Offers prospective buyers an affordable lifestyle nestled in a stable community.

Property Management is handled by assigned staff members and focuses upon proactive services to generate good tenant/management relations, sound maintenance programs, and ongoing seminars to promote tenant growth.  Property Management polices are designed to incorporate the proven practices of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the Enterprise Foundation and the Cleveland Housing Network.

Mt. Pleasant NOW is supported by Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG), Neighborhood Development Activity funds allocated from Councilman Zack Reed, fiscal and technical support from Neighborhood Progress, Inc. and related fees generated from programs and projects.

All transactions, receipts and disbursments are reviewed by a CPA. The agency’s systems are structured to accomodate transactions relative to general operating and project related expenditures.

Union Court Apartments is a 48 unit complex for the elderly, which is a component of Wellington Place.  Wellington Place consists of seven upscale townhomes which compliment Kinsman Road.

The Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Family Service Center, owned and developed by the Mt. Pleasant NOW Development Corporation, is a three story, 57,000 sq.ft. commercial building in Ward 3 in the City of Cleveland. It is the first commercial office building to be built in the Mt. Pleasant community in over 30 years.  The building houses the Mt. Pleasant NOW Development Corporation offices and Cuyahoga County’s Work and Training Division, as well as the County’s Children and Family Services Division.  The County has over 200 employees in the facility which serves nearly 4,000 individuals from the local community and surrounding neighborhoods.  The building serves as a catalyst to restore vitality to the redevelopment of the Kinsman Road corridor while attracting additional new services to the community. The Kinsman Revitalization Plan targets redevelopment from East 130th Street on Kinsman to the border of Shaker Heights.


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